Are you freaking out? We get it.

Maybe you’ve already called us, or you are just about to. But all of a sudden, your mind is overwhelmed with a million different things you had to do and NOW can’t do…While taking this common situation as unimpeachable evidence, you are indeed the world’s biggest flake.

We can assure you this is not the case.

Many of the services we provide are emergent situations that bring up a lot of uncomfortable feelings. If you’re starting to feel panicked or stressed, sometimes it helps calm the nervous system using a breathing technique.

Using the method of 4-7-8 and abdominal breathing, we can begin to relax by calming down the body’s response to stress.

Relaxed Woman Breathing


Find somewhere comfortable to sit.


Either close your eyes or focus on something on your horizon.


Inhale through your nose on a count of 4.


Hold the breath on a count of 7.


Exhale through your mouth on a count of 8.

And repeat three times.